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Attract the target group and boost your sales potential – with WeChat Pay.

China is one of New Zealand and Australia’s top tourism markets, and this is currently growing at an average of 12% year on year. Currently each of these Chinses tourist spend on average around $4,100 while on their stay in New Zealand. The growth of WeChat Pay in the last few years are phenomenal, in particular the New Zealand tourism and service sectors are now highly engaged to offer WePay Payments as a trusted and convenient payment method for Chinese visitors.

BBN offers an easy and smart option for New Zealand businesses is to charge for products and services in New Zealand Dollars, while allowing Chinese to pay from their WeChat Pay digital wallet in RMB (Chinese currency).

For most businesses, accepting payments using WeChat Pay is the first and simplest step to engage with Chinese customers. Local businesses can also adopt a presence and marketing strategy from WeChat Pay beyond payment. Discover the many benefits of this new BBN mobile payment scheme now and get in touch with us.

How to accept WeChat Pay on BBN Payment App

  1. The Chinese customer opens the WeChat app on their smartphone and a QR code is automatically generated.

  2. To accept a WeChat payment, the merchant opens the BBN Payment app, scans the customer’s QR code and enters the bill’s amount. The payment process is initiated automatically and it’s quicker than a credit card or EFTPOS payment.

  3. After the transaction, a confirmation is automatically sent to the merchant and the customer. If the customer’s requires, a receipt can be printed out.

Why choose BBN Payment?

  • Ease-of-use platform, user friendly interface
  • No additional hardware, no set-up cost, no minimum term
  • T+0, T+1 and T+2 settlement options
  • The exclusive QR Code for payment
  • Quick integration options
  • Settled with NZD or AUD currency
  • Leverage WeChat Pay’s special offers and promotions


As an oversea financial institution partner with WeChat Pay, BBN Payment offers you the top preferred mobile payment methods among Chinese tourists and make the cross-border payment easier.

Join us to benefit from the many advantages!

BBN Payment became WeChat Pay’s official financial institution partner in New Zealand since 2018. We aim to expand our services to provide cross-border payment solutions in NZD and AUD currencies. Enable a high-sales target group to make mobile payments using WeChat at your point of sale, thereby boosting your sales opportunities. Simply send us an email to info@bbnpaymnent.com or use the form below, we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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